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NZD/JPY: Bearish entry level for ‘risk-off’ players

If you are of the opinion that we may get some risk-off sentiment ahead of the long Easter break, then you might consider an entry level near a 61.8% […]

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Look to Yen crosses for intraday trading opportunities

It will be a short week with many traders taking it easy ahead of a long Easter break. I wouldn’t be looking for any big medium-term trading opportunities, I […]

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EUR/JPY: Looking quite heavy but solid technical support 140.65/85

This pair looks like it might become a directional leader in coming weeks and it’s certainly looking a bit soft post-ECB. That said, the BOJ don’t look to be […]

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CAD/JPY: Very important technical level at 94.10

A clean break above 94.10 would suggest a double-bottom pattern with lows at a 38.2% retracement level at 90.75.

Bears can sell with a very tight stop and bulls can […]

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JPY shorts squeezed as market lacks conviction

The one constant in recent months in the FX market has been lack of conviction amongst traders.

Erstwhile trends like GBP-bullish or JPY-bearish have run out of steam and now […]

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GBP/JPY: Starting to build a long position

I’m already running core long positions in GBP against the EUR and the USD, so perhaps its time to add the JPY as well. My sense is that the […]

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GBP/JPY: Starting to like the look of this pair again

I’m certainly not advocating that we should take a long position now ahead of the Yellen testimony .

But, the tide seems to be turning for the risk trades and […]

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Risk trades hard to call at the moment

It’s no surprise to see the ‘euphoria’ regarding the Turkish rate rise quickly evaporate and now we are back in no-man’s land in many of the JPY and CHF […]

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Risk-trades bounce back after Turkey raises rates

You can read a full commentary here on

My initial reaction to the news is that it smells of panic and might even have an unwelcome effect […]

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Yen crosses trying to recover important levels

I’m not much help at the moment as I simply don’t have a good sense of what’s happening in the market. Are we going to see a continuation of […]

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AUD/JPY: Testing water with small long near 90.35

Firstly, I’m not picking these moves particularly well at the moment and some of the cross moves in pairs like EUR/AUD have me quite baffled. Nevertheless, I still think […]

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EUR/JPY: Shorts favoured but still need to respect important support levels

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EUR/JPY topping formation looking more plausible

  • Possible topping formation ahead of 143.00 (see chart);
  • Needs break and hold below 140.40 to confirm;
  • Shorts favoured with stops above 143.25.
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USD/JPY: Looks set to test 105.50 yet again

Major technical resistance at 105.50 (61.8% retracement) is still the main topside target in USD/JPY.

EUR/JPY should also be interesting near 143.10/20. If a top can form there on the […]

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EUR/JPY: Worth considering shorts if 143.10/20 holds

I’m looking at some solid technical resistance near 143.10/20 in EUR/JPY and if this level is tested and holds, then I think it may be very worthwhile entering shorts […]

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EUR/JPY: Topping pattern negated with break above 142.90

Any hopes the bears might have had of a topping formation have been dashed with the break above 142.90.

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EUR/JPY: Play 141/143 with bearish bias

  • Possible topping formation in development here with parameters at 141/143 roughly;
  • I prefer to play the edges of this range over the next few sessions with a definite bearish bias;
  • If […]
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Yen showing modest strength but unable to build on yesterday’s gains

  • USD/JPY will look toppish so long as the long-term Fibo at 105.50 continues to hold firm; a break below previous highs near 103.70 will likely cause further trimming of […]
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