JPY crosses

JPY crosses: I still prefer the downside in the short-term

I’m not expecting any massive moves but with EUR/JPY looking decidedly toppy, and with heavy longs in pairs like NZD/JPY and GBP/JPY starting to exit the market, I’m still […]

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Professional market turning cautiously bullish JPY

I have read a number of quite bullish JPY predictions from major banks over the last few days. Geo-political considerations are the main driver as well as presumedly large […]

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JPY crosses still looking soft

Regional stockmarkets are lower this afternoon and the JPY crosses are still looking most likely to get the FX market moving.

NZD/JPY is sitting on it’s 50-dma at 88.05 and […]

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AUD/JPY: Stay short for now, reverse on bigger dips

  • Very solid technical resistance now at 96.55;
  • Short-term market sentiment seems to have swung in JPY favour;
  • The RBA will continue to try and talk the AUD down;
  • USD/JPY is in sideways […]
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CAD/JPY: Important support levels nearby 94.10/20


There are some very important technical support levels close by in the CAD/JPY, one of last week’s biggest movers.

Technicals don’t […]

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EUR/JPY: Should be main focus during Asian trade

  • There were a few scares running through the EUR over the last 24 hours;
  • Global equity markets ran scared for a while after developments in Portugal;
  • Bad news begets […]
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AUD/JPY: Strong technical case for bears now emerging


It’s hard to get too carried away by any movements in the markets based on recent experiences but the AUD/JPY […]

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USD preferred ahead of EUR and JPY in medium-term

Plenty of people asking me about the big pairs, EUR/USD and USD/JPY, as this is what they are used to trading and they find it difficult to start concentrating […]

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GBP/JPY: Likely to grab much of the focus during Asian trade

If anything happens during the Asian session then it’s likely to be in cross pairs like GBP/JPY. There is some very important technical resistance between 173.60/174.85 and we are […]

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Violence escalating in Iraq; impact on oil price and ‘risk’ trades

There have been a number of reports this morning of increased fighting around Baghdad airport and any escalation in violence will certainly impact on the oil price and and […]

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BOJ not giving market any reasons to turn bullish Yen

The BOJ policy statement shows that they will continue along the same policy path for the foreseeable future, making the Yen an obvious choice as a funding currency […]

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Oil price rises: Look for GBP/JPY buying opportunities

The oil price jumped last night on the back of reports that Libyan exports are now close to zero. Coming on the back of decent Chinese economic data, shorts […]

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BOJ main focus for today’s trading session

We saw a lot of professional traders buying puts in pairs like EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY yesterday amid increasing speculation that the BOJ might be a little less hawkish than […]

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Speculative market continues to buy downside puts in Yen crosses

It seems that some bigger professional speculators are of the opinion that the BOJ will do absolutely nothing tomorrow  and there is even chatter that they will move away […]

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USD/JPY: Large stops below 101.15 drifting into focus

There still seem to be some large bids ahead of 101.20 but all I’m hearing about is the large stops sub-101.15. If they go off then they will also […]

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Risk off Friday and I think GBP/JPY might be a good vehicle

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the market is quite long of GBP/JPY and we may see some profit taking ahead of the weekend.

USD/JPY resistance at 101.90/95 […]

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Yen crosses still edging lower in quiet Asian trade

  • The NZD has been affected by talk of intervention from the RBNZ Gov as well as the slightly worse-than-expected jobs data;
  • The AUD has edged lower alongside the NZD and […]
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JPY crosses: Trendline supports holding firm

  • The long-term bullish USD/JPY trendline came in yesterday near 101.90 and that level held very nicely;
  • Similarly in EUR/JPY, the base of the consolidative wedge held nicely near 141.20.

Japanese markets […]

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