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Sticking to the crosses for some shorter-term opportunities

My longer-term fundamental view remains unchanged, the EUR, JPY and USD will struggle amid CB easy-ness and the commodity currencies will strengthen over time. The market has started buying USD in the mistaken belief that the Fed will significantly change its policy direction. We will see small changes, but no directional change. This is probably

Cable: Fresh short-term lows mean bulls will have to wait another while

Nice try earlier from the cable to break above technical resistance at 1.6280/90 but the nasty move lower in EUR/NOK caught the overall market unawares and that’s had a knock-on effect on the GBP as well. Fresh short-term lows have been printed below 1.6200 and more downside looks like the most likely short-term

GBP: Was Betfair election pay-out just a marketing exercise

There is some suggestion in the marketplace that the Betfair early pay-out on the Scottish independence referendum was done more out of marketing reasons than on any voting conviction. Pretty good piece of marketing if that was the case! GBP has rallied strongly especially against the EUR and JPY in recent sessions on the presumption