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Cable intraday: Play 1.6770/1.6810 with bullish bias

  • The very strong up-trend and consecutive hourly lows near 1.6760 give us the bullish bias;
  • Momentum is lacking and there will be profit takers on rallies as well as range-traders […]
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Cable flows: Bids at 1.6760, stops below.

  • There were large stops reported yesterday below 1.6760 but interestingly the overnight low was exactly 60. This suggests to me that there is a large bid at this level […]
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EUR/GBP still tracking higher post-BOE

The aforementioned stops above .8230 were easy pickings after the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England delivered their latest.

The big levels to watch in cable are 1.6760 […]

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EUR/GBP: Moving higher in early European trade

Most of the market’s focus has been on the crosses in recent weeks and today is no exception. The AUD was the big mover during Asian trade, losing ground […]

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EUR/GBP: Looking to build on short position between .8180/.8280

I’m quite bearish on this cross but as we know it can trade sideways for weeks on end before going on a run. I still expect Fibo support at […]

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Cable: Stops triggered above 1.6825 in thin trading conditions

Market conditions were always going to start thinning out today ahead of the long weekend and the first victim has been the stops above 1.6825 in cable.

I would not […]

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EUR/GBP: Fresh shorts in play

I had a really good run lower on this pair from .8540 to .8200 and even managed to turn long once the 61.8% Fibo at .8150 held firm. But […]

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GBP/NZD worth considering a long trade on bullish break of 1.9520.

  • GBP/NZD has just broken technical resistance near 1.9520;
  • Cable looks set to break above important resistance at 1.6825;
  • The GBP looks generally strong on all crosses;
  • The NZD looks generally weak on […]
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GBP: Testing important resistance levels after very decent UK jobs data

  • Unemployment rate now under 7.0%;
  • Very important technical resistance in cable at 1.6825;
  • Clean break will have market set on testing 1.7000;
  • EUR/GBP testing recent lows and also looks set to test […]
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Cable: Market targeting stops below 1.6680

As many have pointed out to me since my last post, the double-top on the daily chart will lead to existing longs raising their trailing stops just to lock […]

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GBP: I’m turning very bullish again

Please don’t ask me for 5 exact reasons, but the overall price action especially on the crosses suggests to me that we are set for considerably more GBP strength. […]

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Cable: Large stop-loss orders above 1.6830 (could get nasty in Twilight zone)

There are some large stop-loss buy orders above 1.6830 in the cable and although that’s still 40 pips away, I’d still suggest that care is warranted. If the Algos […]

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Cable: Consolidation over, buying dips now preferred

The USD is losing friends across the board and with pairs like EUR/GBP starting to break lower again, buying dips in cable looks like a very obvious strategy. The […]

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Cable: Back on bull train after more strong data

This time it was industrial output coming on top of the strong export survey overnight. Looks like the cable might be getting back on the bull train especially with […]

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Not seeing many ‘value’ trades heading into London open but EUR/CAD might be worth a look

The most obvious trade would be to buy EUR/CAD with support levels nearby in both EUR/USD (1.3650/60) and USD/CAD (1.0950). That said, we could easily see a test of […]

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Cable: Broken record still playing the 1.6470/1.6680 range-trading tune

No change here from last week, range trading still the order of the day. I’ve got a short-term bearish bias so I’m expecting a downside test first over coming […]

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Cable: Sorry to sound like a broken record but we are in range trading mode

Yesterday’s price action confirmed to me that we are in a short-term holding pattern between 1.6470/1.6680 and as we are near the middle of this range now, I don’t […]

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GBP: Still looks heavy to me on the crosses

  • GBP/CAD was the market’s bull leader for months on end and it’s positioned accordingly! Likely to be heavy stops below 1.8275 and I prefer shorts here;
  • GBP/JPY feels overbought to […]
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