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Cable: Weekly close below 1.70 would certainly trouble the bulls; 1.6970/1.7020 daily parameters

Long GBP has been the trade of choice (along with long NZD) amongst professional traders over the last 6 months. The big macro players are still very long and […]

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EUR/GBP catching bid tone after BOE minutes

  • EUR/USD ran into some significant bids near 1.3455 a little earlier;
  • The BOE minutes have just been released and the immediate reaction from professional analysts seems to be that they […]
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Cable: Support levels holding but………….

  • EUR/GBP has found decent buying interest on dips below .7950 from EZ corporates;
  • Macro funds were noted ‘short-coverers’ yesterday in the cross;
  • Bids were reported late yesterday in cable near 1.7070 […]
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Cable: Macro stops building below 1.7055

A reliable Prime Brokerage source suggests that we could be in for quite a battle if cable trades down towards 1.7070. There are decent bids starting near there but […]

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UK economy: BRC survey shows large drop in annual prices

UK retailers say that prices fell by 1.8% in the year to June which would be the biggest annual drop since 2006.

Such data is certain to have an effect […]

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Cable: Outlook for the week ahead- suggesting 1.7075/1.7325 range

  • BoE likely to be somewhat of a non-event this week and industrial/manufacturing data expected to show continued solid performance;
  • Fed minutes will have an obvious impact on the USD side […]
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GBP might be affected in early London trade by AUD syndrome

The GBP and the AUD have been reasonably closely correlated in recent weeks. We are either about to see a big break higher in GBP/AUD, or the GBP might […]

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EUR/GBP still the stand-out big position in the market

The market is heavily short of EUR/GBP in an environment where there aren’t many other big positional trades going on. I guess we can make an argument either way […]

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GBP/JPY: Likely to grab much of the focus during Asian trade

If anything happens during the Asian session then it’s likely to be in cross pairs like GBP/JPY. There is some very important technical resistance between 173.60/174.85 and we are […]

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Cable: No point in fading this rally just yet

The daily close above 1.7000 shows just how strong this trend is and those who’d been hoping to pick a top have again been disappointed. Any dips are likely […]

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Cable: Market still eyeing stops above 1.7020

I’m hearing pretty much the same story as yesterday, a decent sized sell order near 1.7010 is still capping the market and protecting stops above 1.7020 for now.

Bids are […]

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Cable: Trades above 1.7000 after minutes but ‘stops’ still safe

The high after the release of the BOE minutes was around 1.7005. Market chatter suggests that the retail market is heavily short with large stops above 1.7015. […]

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Cable: Time to be wary heading into BOE later today

Most of the signals coming from the BOE over the last few days have been pointing to the fact that the MPC has taken a hawkish turn due to […]

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Cable: Still struggling to break above barrier protection at 1.70

  • Risk aversion brought about by escalating violence in Iraq is weighing on crosses like GBP/JPY;
  • Dealers report heavy option-related offers on the approach to 1.70 in the cable;
  • Most reports suggest […]
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Carney: UK set for rate rises sooner than expected

Following on from the RBNZ rate hike yesterday, overnight comments from the UK’s Mark Carney that the BoE might hike rates sooner than expected has certainly thrown the cat […]

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Cable: Looking susceptible to a downside clean-out?

A lot of traders have been jumping onto the GBP bull train at pretty lofty levels and it’s starting to look a bit toppy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m […]

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EUR/GBP: Even more reasons to be short now

The ECB decisions from yesterday make this trade an even more attractive proposition and I see no reason not to be selling any small rallies in expectation of a […]

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USD sitting at interesting intraday levels against other majors

  • EUR/USD: Back trading around 1.3635/40 which was the major breakdown level. The market has been building shorts ahead of the ECB and we may see fairly tight ‘nervous’ trailing […]
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