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Important decisions looming this week for ECB QE

From Barclays research: The European Court of Justice (ECJ) opinion will have crucial implications for government bond purchases by the ECB and the outlook for the euro. On Wednesday, the Advocate General of the ECJ will publish his opinions on a list of questions raised by the German Constitutional Court (GCC) regarding the Outright Monetary

EUR flows: Speculators short but big players still selling

Just catching up on interbank research after a 2 week break and the following factors are being consistently reported: Prime Brokers are reporting heavy speculative short positions amongst professional players, especially through the options market; Overall short positioning in the spot market is at significant levels; Net Fixed Income flows have been very EUR-negative and

Corporate and institutional flows will dry up from today

Many institutional and corporate players will be taking a full two week break from the FX market and with politicians also less likely to make any earth-shattering decisions during this period, any moves will be mainly speculative and driven by lack of liquidity. Overall positioning is at slightly below moderate levels, according to snippets of