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Over 80% of FX-related investments are going to partly-systematic traders- sad but true

In the institutional world the number is even higher than this, but this number is skewed by the fact that the really big hedge funds ($10 billion+) are almost exclusively Algos. In the developing trader space, we tend to see a large number of smaller investors and traders diversified across every possible strategy. What does

Performance metrics of successful traders

Tomorrow’s webinar, again sponsored by FP Markets, will cover the following topics: Definitions; Due Diligence; Drawdown profiles; Return profiles; Notional accounts; Absolute No-no’s; Top traders; Top managers; Ideal candidates. Those who would like to listen in on tomorrow’s webinar can Register Here. This information should prove very useful to anyone who is trying to …

Trader Sentiment & Positioning, week ending Jan 12th: Market still very square

  There doesn’t seem to be much point in going through the currencies one-by-one given the low levels of positioning and general dis-interest! That said, one of the bigger US prop desks has reportedly started to pile into an early USD short position against the JPY and Gold in particular. The Algos are still dominating

FX Price-Less market: What happened in GBP this morning and why these unwanted liquidity events will continue

I know all of us old interbank market dinosaurs will be driving you crazy with our “I told you so’s”, but we did! Whether for regulatory, commercial or technical reasons, the very core of the FX market no longer exists; namely the hundreds of interbank traders who sat at their desks and provided pricing no

FX Industry: Careers and Opportunities update- Q3 2016

FX trading opportunities in the interbank space continue to contract with banks hamstrung by increasingly onerous regulatory requirements. The major clearing banks are increasingly unwilling to take any risk on board, operating as pure e-brokers, and this obviously means that there are very few dealing jobs and no trading jobs. (I’d be thrilled to hear

Alpha-factor in prop traders

A good interbank spot trader had the capacity to generate $2 million in profits in a good month and whilst a certain percentage of this could be attributed to ‘franchise’ business, it still required a particular psychological mind-set which allowed the trader to fully take advantage of the times when they were reading the market