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FXWW Select: Members end-of-month homework

Some really fantastic performances this month and let’s hope the investment community sees fit to greatly increase those allocations 🙂 Particularly for the newer members, please ensure that your strategy description and personal bio are up-to-date on the FXWW Select portal. There will be monthly webcasts going forward, focusing on developments in the alternative investment

FXWW Select FAQs

Thank you very much indeed to all who’ve contacted us after yesterday’s registration email. I thought it might save a bit of time if I answered some of the more frequently asked questions here, but by all means feel free to contact us directly with any individual questions you may have. …

FXWW Select available to institutional and wholesale investors

All traders and managers have been interviewed and reference-checked …… Qualifying traders have been filtered according to profitability, consistency, correlation, and capacity. Qualifying managers have been filtered on their ability to consistently deliver their mandate. …… Professional investors can build their own products using a mix of any available traders or …

The 3 C’s for institutional investors; credibility, consistency and conservatism.

The really really good traders make so much money for themselves, they have no need to manage funds for others. Institutional investors understand this. Certainly some of the more aggressive hedge funds will employ ‘risky’ traders but even these roles are few and far between. There is of course massive demand nowadays for anyone who

FXWW Select Australia

The FXWW Select program gives institutional and sophisticated investors access to the world’s premier FX trading talent in a professional environment. .. All members of the FXWW Select platform must pass the wholesale test. .. The trader application process happens in two stages; quantitative and qualitative. .. We are currently taking applications from Australian-based traders

FXWW Select explained

A platform which brings together sophisticated, wholesale investors and emerging trading talent from the FX retail space …………………………. Traders must have a fully verifiable 2-year track record and at least 2 strong references from the alternative asset industries (ie FX, futures, commodities and cryptos). …

FXWW Australian trader network

The world’s Foreign Exchange market is in many respects somewhat of a closed shop. Employers and allocators don’t often advertise their jobs and opportunities, rather they rely on contacts and networks in the industry to introduce them to prospective employees and managers. The FXWW Curated Network is a global enterprise giving talented individual traders the