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FXWW Australian trader network

The world’s Foreign Exchange market is in many respects somewhat of a closed shop. Employers and allocators don’t often advertise their jobs and opportunities, rather they rely on contacts and networks in the industry to introduce them to prospective employees and managers. The FXWW Curated Network is a global enterprise giving talented individual traders the

Blow-up, Golden Touch, and other required Trader Criteria explained

Regardless of whether you are trading equities, cryptos, currencies or futures, there are some analytic criteria which are very objective and others that are more subjective. Length of track record, police and reference checks, or strategy description are criteria which are black and white; you are either in a position to provide them or you

Over 80% of FX-related investments are going to partly-systematic traders- sad but true

In the institutional world the number is even higher than this, but this number is skewed by the fact that the really big hedge funds ($10 billion+) are almost exclusively Algos. In the developing trader space, we tend to see a large number of smaller investors and traders diversified across every possible strategy. What does

Performance metrics of successful traders

Tomorrow’s webinar, again sponsored by FP Markets, will cover the following topics: Definitions; Due Diligence; Drawdown profiles; Return profiles; Notional accounts; Absolute No-no’s; Top traders; Top managers; Ideal candidates. Those who would like to listen in on tomorrow’s webinar can Register Here. This information should prove very useful to anyone who is trying to …