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Fixi Select updates

There are still some slots available in the Prop team at Fixi Select. There are 9 traders currently funded with an average starting allocation of around $400,000. The best trader month to date is 3.5% and the worst has been -4.6%. If you think you can do better, and have ambitions to become a professional

Trader Sentiment & Positioning, week ending Aug 25th: GBP and NZD are trades of choice

GBP: Fairly consistent positioning amongst both the professional and developing traders, with short GBP the favoured play. Whilst sentiment is certainly bearish, commitment is lacking somewhat at present and positions will be ending the week down by around 50% since Monday. NZD: Almost 100% consensus amongst funded traders, from both professional and developing communities, with

MT4 traders for new FX Investment Products

Licensed investment products across institutional and retail markets Minimum starting allocations of $500,000 Remuneration based on performance fee only Stringent quantitative and qualitative checks carried out on all traders.   Requirements: Minimum 2-year track record Defineable ‘edge’ which can be backed up with hard live data (absolutely no demo account data considered) …

Qualifying Series: Global Macro traders and FX Options traders

Due to overwhelming demand, particularly from the investment community, we are adding two new qualifying streams which will allow us to monitor and evaluate Global Macro and FX Options traders. The FX Options platform will allow sophisticated traders access to a top-quality platform (NOT BINARY!!) and allow them to present their performance record to our community

Selection criteria for the funding component of the Qualifying Series

Participants are being scrutinised for a number of funding pathways via seed-funding programs, high-net-worth sophisticated investors and fund-of-fund managers. Obviously the selection criteria will be different for each funding source, but some parts of the selection process will remain the same. You open a PsyQuation account with one of their selected brokers. This allows us

The Qualifying Series: FXWW partnership with PsyQuation

PsyQuation is a super-intelligent algorithm which analyses trader data and assesses trader aptitude and skill. It makes perfect sense for FXWW to partner with such clever people to create The Qualifying Series for FX traders. With funding and license pathways available, as well as a fast track to trading jobs via eFinancialCareers, any seriously aspirational

FX Price-Less market: What happened in GBP this morning and why these unwanted liquidity events will continue

I know all of us old interbank market dinosaurs will be driving you crazy with our “I told you so’s”, but we did! Whether for regulatory, commercial or technical reasons, the very core of the FX market no longer exists; namely the hundreds of interbank traders who sat at their desks and provided pricing no

Alpha-factor in prop traders

A good interbank spot trader had the capacity to generate $2 million in profits in a good month and whilst a certain percentage of this could be attributed to ‘franchise’ business, it still required a particular psychological mind-set which allowed the trader to fully take advantage of the times when they were reading the market

MDT update

We are almost 4 weeks into the Axi Trader million-dollar-trader competition and the front-runner Alfadhalah is showing no signs of slowing up. His performance has been quite extraordinary and I will post a more in-depth individual profile soon. The trend-followers have had a lucky break in that the market is in the midst of some