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AUD/USD: Might be worth trying intraday short position near .9075/80

Equity markets across the region will open around 0.5% lower; Tensions in the Ukraine are still simmering and 1 headline could spark more risk aversion; The apparent terrorist attack on Malaysian Airlines will also increase risk aversion. After a long period of momentum-less trading, the AUD/USD suddenly broke higher last week. Nevertheless, many traders will

GBP crosses hit hard as trailing stops kick in; GBP/JPY technical support at 164.00

GBP/JPY was the main mover yesterday driven by a carnage of trailing stops across the board; USD/JPY stops below 101.70 were indeed sizeable, Cable stops post-data were also significant and of course the cross then started falling like a stone once it cleared 167.50. Be aware that there is solid technical support in GBP/JPY near

Quick look at order books in early Asian trade

Not much happening in the FX market this morning despite lower stockmarkets across the region. USD/JPY turnover above 102.75 was extremely heavy yesterday with Prime Brokers suggesting that macro longs were selling out of long positions on rallies; Bids around 102.00 from semi-state entities like Kampo; Elsewhere, AUD/NZD sell orders reported near

Hard to find any clear signals at the moment but I remain bearish on EUR crosses

1.3500 in EUR/USD looks like it might be a key level, if that breaks then look for a sell-rally strategy in EUR pair of your choice; EUR/GBP is heading lower in a bear channel but will find profit takers near .8180; If EUR/JPY breaks below 140.40 again, then we should see a clean-out of longs