Flows and Orders

Cable flows: Bids at 1.6760, stops below.

  • There were large stops reported yesterday below 1.6760 but interestingly the overnight low was exactly 60. This suggests to me that there is a large bid at this level […]
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AUD/USD still hunting stops below .9290

The AUD is in sharp reverse across all the crosses and the stop-losses reported earlier in the AUD/USD below .9290 are currently being targeted. Support levels don’t really tighten […]

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AUD/USD: Edging higher on back of real money demand

The AUD/USD opened this morning around .9330 and has edged slowly higher on the back of demand from real-money funds.

Further gains are also likely to be hard-fought with hedge […]

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Cable: Large stop-loss orders above 1.6830 (could get nasty in Twilight zone)

There are some large stop-loss buy orders above 1.6830 in the cable and although that’s still 40 pips away, I’d still suggest that care is warranted. If the Algos […]

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AUD/USD: Time to start booking some profits

AUD/USD has moved almost 300 pips from our entry levels and it would be silly not to book at least some profit at these levels. There is […]

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GBP/AUD: Stops triggered below 1.8100

There was talk last week of heavy stops in GBP/AUD below 1.8100 and it looks like they’ve just been targeted and triggered. Cable is 20 pips lower at 1.6470 […]

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AUD/USD: Order board reports suggest .9065/.9125 consolidation

  • Prime brokers refer to large offers starting above .9125 through .9140;
  • Local bank reported very solid bids near .9065.

If in doubt, stick to the range.

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IMM positioning shows continued moves into EUR

This is the HSBC update on IMM figures good up until last Tuesday.

  • Long USD positions fell to USD9.6bn from a peak in early February of 25.3bn;
  • Long EUR positions rose […]
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AUD/USD: Might be worth trying intraday short position near .9075/80

  • Equity markets across the region will open around 0.5% lower;
  • Tensions in the Ukraine are still simmering and 1 headline could spark more risk aversion;
  • The apparent terrorist attack on Malaysian […]
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AUD remains unaffected by huge moves in CNY

First thing this morning we saw a sharp move higher in USD/CNY, orchestrated by agent banks of the PBOC. Their ploy was obviously to force the big speculators out […]

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GBP/USD: Major flows expected in next week as Vodafone/Verizon deal closes

It’s always difficult to gauge exactly how much still needs to be done or even how much will be done in total but I think it’s a safe guess […]

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EUR/USD: Starting to feel very well ‘bid’

I admit I’ve said the same thing before in recent months, and I’ve also said exactly the opposite, and each time the demon range-trader has come out to make […]

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AUD/USD: Large option expiries driving end-of-week sentiment

  • AUD/USD failed again near .8980 after the RBA policy statement;
  • 2 billion expiry later tonight at .8940 and another 1 billion at .8900 ensured that the sellers didn’t wait too […]
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GBP crosses hit hard as trailing stops kick in; GBP/JPY technical support at 164.00

GBP/JPY was the main mover yesterday driven by a carnage of trailing stops across the board; USD/JPY stops below 101.70 were indeed sizeable, Cable stops post-data were also significant […]

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USD/JPY: Market expecting semi-official bids near 101.80.

Last time that USD/JPY traded under 102.00 there were reports in the market that semi-official players like Kampo were on the bid. I can’t confirm it yet, but the […]

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Quick look at order books in early Asian trade

Not much happening in the FX market this morning despite lower stockmarkets across the region.

  • USD/JPY turnover above 102.75 was extremely heavy yesterday with Prime Brokers suggesting that macro longs […]
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First move of the day was obviously stop-loss driven

  • Nikkei has opened 2.6% lower but is edging higher in early trade;
  • Gold is +$7;
  • USD/JPY has rebounded from it’s stop-loss drive below 102.00 to be back at opening levels near […]
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USD/JPY gapping lower in early Tokyo

Just as well we waited for confirmation of those bids at 102.00 as there appears to have been nothing at all. The market gapped straight lower to 101.80 and […]

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