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Levels to watch in Asian session, July 28th

  • USD/CAD: 200-dma at 1.0830;
  • EUR/USD: Large expiries tomorrow at 1.3450;
  • Cable: Market eyeing 1.6925 as next important downside level;
  • USD/JPY: Seemingly immovable obstructions 101.00/102.50 :(
  • AUD/USD: Options players also all over this pair […]
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NZD/USD: Model funds triggering stops below .8590

Most of the action is still in the flightless bird with stops triggered below .8590 in NZD/USD and the AUD/NZD cross trading above 1.1000.

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AUD trying to edge higher after China flash PMI

The number was slightly above expectations and the market seems happy to try buying the AUD. AUD/NZD got a boost after the RBNZ this morning and there are big […]

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Cable: Macro stops building below 1.7055

A reliable Prime Brokerage source suggests that we could be in for quite a battle if cable trades down towards 1.7070. There are decent bids starting near there but […]

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AUD should be well supported on intraday dips

  • Iron ore futures are +1.75% in early Asian trade;
  • End-of-fin-year flows are expected to be AUD positive (although most of bigger flows are surely already complete).
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Levels to watch in majors as USD struggles during Asian trade

  • USD/CAD: Technical support at a 50% retracement level 1.0725;
  • AUD/USD: Recent daily highs at .9460;
  • Cable: Recent daily highs at 1.7060.

EUR and JPY are also making modest session gains against the […]

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Cable: Market still eyeing stops above 1.7020

I’m hearing pretty much the same story as yesterday, a decent sized sell order near 1.7010 is still capping the market and protecting stops above 1.7020 for now.

Bids are […]

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AUD/USD: Option players still dominating ranges

I’m sticking with my strong buy-dip bias in the AUD/USD and I expect the AUD to continue to make strong gains on the crosses. But we may well be […]

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USD/JPY: Hedge funds main driver behind recent rally

It’s getting increasingly hard for professional traders to generate any returns in these markets and it’s no surprise to see hedge funds clambering once more onto their favoured USD/JPY […]

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USD/JPY: Heavy turnover overnight, more sell orders ahead

  • There were offers of up to $1 billion at regular intervals on the interbank platforms starting at 102.25;
  • The fact that these offers were chewed up shows how strongly ‘bid’ […]
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AUD/USD: Sell orders reported starting at .9320

All of the AUD buying over the last 24 hours has been cross-related judging from interbank flow reports in any case.

AUD/NZD (Kylie :) ) has of course been the […]

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USD set for further gains against the GBP, CHF and EUR

  • Cable looks to be offering the clearest sell signal with resistance levels now likely to be very firm between 1.6850/80 in a market that is already very long at […]
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Pfizer cancellation of AstraZenica takeover could be bearish for cable

It’s always difficult to know how much (if anything) was pre-bought ahead of such M&A deals. What we can say is that the cancellation of the deal will blunt […]

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Hedge funds selling JPY and AUD

Just reading some flow information from BOFA in the FXWW chat-room which suggests that hedge funds are getting back on the Yen bear trade.

The AUD has also come in […]

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AUD/USD: Closing in on stops below .9270

The second level of intraday stops were reported this morning below .9270 (first below .9310) and it looks like we will have an imminent try at triggering them. I’m […]

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USD/JPY: Capped below 102.00 but very solid bids still being reported

All those hoping for some volatility in USD/JPY may be disappointed again. I’m hearing reports of very solid bids towards 101.25 which will prove difficult to budge. Sellers are […]

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USD/CAD: Stops reported below 1.0925

I read some reports this morning of large-ish stops in USD/CAD below 1.0925 and it’s worth keeping an eye on this level.

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Flows and Orders updates

  • Citi bank reporting that end-of-month hedge re-balancing flows are likely to be relatively neutral. In fact we could see negative flows in the USD, EUR and GBP which is […]
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