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EUR and GBP staying rangebound

EUR/USD looks technically toppy in short-term so long as 1.3425/50 resistance is able to hold; Bank reports continue to suggest that this pair underpinned by strong structural demand and will break higher once the speculators wilt; Cable back at familiar levels after Carney’s speech delivered nothing new; EUR/GBP (surprise, surprise) still trading around .8600. I’m

EUR/USD outlook: Range trading likely between 1.3280/1.3425

EUR/USD is still unable to generate significant momentum; Banks and prime brokers report heavy buyers near 1.3280 and heavy sellers near 1.3425; EUR/JPY looks bullish but will run into significant technical resistance 132.00/70; EUR/GBP maintains bearish bias whilst below .8600; EUR/CHF is range-bound and EUR/AUD looks likely to re-test 1.5000 sometime soon. Can’t see any

EUR/USD: Main risk still to the topside

I think you just have to read the comments on this or other sites to realise that the overwhelming sentiment in the market is bearish on EUR/USD! Most traders are looking to sell rallies for the ‘inevitable’ fall to 1.20 but the claims of the Euro’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Structural flows remain primarily

EUR, GBP still looking quite strong

Any big move higher in EUR is likely to be driven by equity-manager flows according to bank research that I’ve read; Very important EUR/USD resistance levels remain near 1.3425 but with stop-loss buy orders likely above there, this level is a red-rag to a bull; On the crosses, EUR/GBP looks heavy whilst below .8600, EUR/CHF

GBP continues to make gains on crosses; EUR/USD set to test 1.3425

On technical side, EUR/AUD held important support at 1.4450 and bounced almost 200 pips; USD/JPY is stuck in neutral at 97.60 with several conflicting forces at play; Cable refuses to drop and the GBP was the strongest of the majors again overnight; AUD/USD should continue to trade between .90/.93 pre-general election but it looks like

European currencies range-bound in Asia: USD/CHF squeezing shorts

USD/CHF has been a significant mover over the last few days and the short squeeze could pick up momentum above .9400 (see chart). Cable is retracing off its recent highs but I’m still in dip-buying mode. Support on the day at previous highs near 1.5390 but I prefer to wait for levels closer to 1.5280.

Fed: Chances of September tapering on the increase

Comments from Dennis Lockhart, Atlanta Fed President, that he ‘wouldn’t rule out September’ would seem to have increased the chances that we will see some very small tinkering with the Fed’s massive QE program starting next month. Remember that Mr Bernanke will be stepping down in February so with his legacy in mind, and despite

Levels to watch out for in overnight trade

EUR/USD: Large bids rumoured near 1.3270 with stops directly below there at 1.3265 from interbank prop types. USD/JPY: Last time USD/JPY was near 98.50, China was selling. AUD/JPY: Significant break above 89.00 suggests a buy-dip strategy from here. AUD/USD: Any levels now near .9050 must be considered a good short-covering opportunity and only a break

EUR/USD: Should be very well supported on dips to 1.3250/80

Just reading some reports from Deutsche and Goldman Sachs and both have pretty much the same view; most market interest lies elsewhere and we can expect sideways trading to dominate. Bids are plentiful below 1.3300 and particularly between 1.3250/80 whilst the range tops are also pretty clear at 1.3400/25. Must say for a change that

AUD/USD: Tight stops below .9080 could be endangered in early London trade

AUD/USD is starting to drift a bit in afternoon trade and dealers report trailing stops below .9080 which might get taken out. Dips are for buying imho and I’d look to buy near .9060/70 for a .9200 test later tonight. Elsewhere, prime brokers are reporting very solid offers in EUR/USD near

Outlook for major pairs August 9th: Trading focus to stay on the crosses

USD/JPY: I’m still short and I remain bearish. Much will depend on short-term flows in the crosses but be patient and play as close to the edges of a 95/98 range as possible. AUD/JPY: Big technical levels at 86.25/89.00 and my bias is neutral on this pair. AUD/USD: I’m bullish and long; I expect prices to stay

EUR/USD: More gains ahead, targeting 1.3350 option barrier

Despite reports of really heavy selling at every level, we have still managed to close above 1.3300 and further gains look likely. EUR/CHF and EUR/GBP have both steadied after a few down sessions and a large barrier at 1.3350 will act like a magnet for EUR/USD. Short-term I prefer to buy intraday dips towards 1.3260