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EUR/GBP catching bid tone after BOE minutes

EUR/USD ran into some significant bids near 1.3455 a little earlier; The BOE minutes have just been released and the immediate reaction from professional analysts seems to be that they are slightly more dovish than expected; EUR/GBP has been the market’s favourite whipping child in recent months and is ‘enjoying’ a very modest 25 pip

Usual rules still apply; sharp moves followed by sideways action

Unfortunately the early-European move in EUR/USD has followed recent market behaviour and started trading sideways after a sharp 50 pip move. Once market expectations become entrenched, it’s pretty hard to shift them, and most traders are not looking for any more than 50 pip moves now. Australian CPI will be the main event on today’s

EUR/USD: Favour selling rallies keeping stops above last week’s highs

EUR crosses continue to look very heavy and the weekly close below .8000 in EUR/GBP certainly strengthens the bear’s case. EUR/NZD is in a solid downtrend. EUR/JPY is still the great unknown; will the medium-term up-trend re-ignite or will longer-term Japanese investors be forced out of EZ assets through a move lower in the EUR/JPY

USD sitting at interesting intraday levels against other majors

EUR/USD: Back trading around 1.3635/40 which was the major breakdown level. The market has been building shorts ahead of the ECB and we may see fairly tight ‘nervous’ trailing stops above this level; Cable did a lot of work around 1.6765/75 on the way down and purely from a price-action perspective, I’d expect resistance to