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Looks like some EUR/AUD selling going through

Like The Guru just mentioned, macro hedge funds are buying AUD/USD and I suspect that they might be selling EUR/AUD through the legs as EUR/USD has dipped by 25 pips in this period. Hugely important technical resistance close by in the cross and a weekly close below 1.4400 might encourage some big profit

EUR/USD: Starting to exhibit some signs of strength

Heavy protection of 1.3400 barrier was eventually chewed through and quiet consolidation at that level is now a bullish sign. Demand on the crosses also returned with more heavy EUR/AUD buying reported. EUR/GBP was another of the crosses to make a break up out of its recent consolidation range. The market is still overwhelmingly bearish

EUR/USD: Better trades elsewhere but is getting bit overbought

The EUR/USD is probably the least interesting of all the major pairs, chopping around as cross flows dominate the market. The recent short term bull trend may indeed continue to stay in control but I think its more likely that the long-term range trading bias remains in control. If that’s the case, then levels near

EUR/USD: Still too hard for me, no idea where it’s going

Strong demand related to EUR/AUD flow but this is probably mostly done by now. EUR/JPY stop-loss selling has off-set the EUR/AUD buying to some degree. EUR/GBP looks to have a top in place just below .8600. Technical picture suggests that the short-term extremities for EUR/USD are at 1.28/1.33. I cannot see any reason to trade

What is the hedge fund market chatting about right now

USD/JPY: “The BOJ is divided over whether to authorise a measure to quell bond market volatility”- this could be USD/JPY bearish. Cable: Break above 1.5415/25 seen as adding to bullish momentum. EUR/USD: Plenty of interest to sell on rallies especially near 1.3140. UBS: Maintain bearish USD/JPY and bullish USD/CAD stances. Thanks to our hedge fund