EUR/USD: Obvious resistance nearby at 1.3875

  • There is a previous daily high at 1.3875 which offers an obvious resistance level;
  • Crosses are mixed with EUR/JPY support levels still holding but EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD looking soft still;
  • Positioning […]
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EUR/USD: Sideways trading preferred with both currencies looking weak

  • The EUR is looking weak on the crosses; the short-term EUR/GBP bull trend has broken down, the medium-term EUR/AUD bull trend looks to be reversing and now EUR/JPY is […]
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EUR/USD: Important support nearby, expect stops aplenty below 1.3650

There is important technical support near 1.3670 which held nicely on Friday and needs to be respected. I would suggest that a break below 1.3650 would bring the recent […]

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EUR/USD: Strong technical support levels nearby

  • 100-dma at 1.3688
  • Trend-line from 1.2750 also near same level at 1.3685
  • 61.8% retracement at 1.3662
  • Prior daily lows at 1.3640

If it gets through all of them then it must be headed […]

By |April 4th, 2014 5:43pm (th14044UTC14 UTC4304UTC)|EUR/USD, fxww|1 Comment

EUR/USD: Approaching critical support levels

The important support levels in EUR/USD in my opinion are around 1.3650/80. If this band of support breaks then I believe the up-trend from 1.2750 might be in trouble […]

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ECB under increasing pressure for more ‘accommodative’ policy

Overnight we heard from the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, calling on the ECB to ease policy further as low inflation in the EZ causes increasing concern. She is not alone, […]

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EUR/USD: Another range-trading pair

  • Crosses remain mixed with EUR/GBP now in neutral, EUR/JPY turning bullish and EUR/AUD definitely bearish;
  • Resistance between 1.3825/50 should be very solid;
  • Support should be similarly firm near 1.3650.

Overall looks like […]

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EUR/USD: Market turning bearish, I prefer to range trade

  • EUR crosses are mixed with EUR/JPY turning bullish, EUR/GBP back to neutral, and EUR/AUD now quite bearish;
  • The most recent technical signals for EUR/USD have been bullish in my view […]
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EUR still looks heavy as crosses continue to weigh

  • The EUR has lost more ground against all of the other majors;
  • EUR/JPY is sitting right on important technical support levels at 140.20/40;
  • EUR/AUD has created a topping formation now and […]
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EUR starting to look soft on the crosses; drop buy-dip strategy for EUR/USD

  • EUR/AUD has made a major technical break lower below 1.50 and selling rallies is heavily favoured;
  • EUR/GBP has failed to hold technical support near .8325 and more short-term downside looks […]
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EUR/USD: Further gains favoured once consolidation period over

  • After doing it’s best to trigger stops on the downside, EUR/USD snapped back sharply and triggered topside stops;
  • A large buy order on the futures market seemingly triggered the mini-stampede;
  • Goldman […]
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EUR/USD: Deeper dips still possible but I remain in dip-buying mode

With all of the action usually happening in the 2nd half of the European session or during North American trade, it’s getting very difficult to trade during Australian hours. […]

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EUR/USD: Looking to buy dips to 1.3785

The USD bulls are having a few moments in the sun post-Fed which was slightly more hawkish than expected. I expect these USD gains to be relatively short-lived especially […]

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EUR/USD: More likely to go up than down

  • The EUR is fairly neutral on the crosses, bullish against the GBP and CAD, medium-term overbought against the AUD and consolidating against the Yen;
  • EUR/USD remains in a predictable short-term […]
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EUR/USD: Still very much in buy-dip mode

The only cross where the EUR is looking a bit susceptible is EUR/AUD (yet another reason to consider the bullish AUD/USD contrarian play!) but the others like EUR/GBP and […]

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EUR/USD: Still in dip-buying mode

  • Initial technical support comes in at 1.3840, which is hourly lows and a 38.2% retracement;
  • There is much stronger support near 1.3765, the bullish trendline and a 61.8% pullback.

Despite the […]

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EUR/USD: Still well supported, buying dips favoured

Initial support is to be found around 1.3835 and if these levels attract plenty of buyers then we can start to believe more strongly in the emerging up-trend. There […]

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Goldman Sachs ECB expectations

  • They do not expect the ECB to ease although they may end the sterilisation of the securities market programme (SMP);
  • Cuts to the deposit rate and main refinancing operations (MRO) […]
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