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EUR/USD: Sideways trading preferred with both currencies looking weak

The EUR is looking weak on the crosses; the short-term EUR/GBP bull trend has broken down, the medium-term EUR/AUD bull trend looks to be reversing and now EUR/JPY is showing signs of a reversal: The USD also looks weak across the board, which sounds like a perfect recipe for range trading in EUR/USD: I’ll maintain

Not seeing many ‘value’ trades heading into London open but EUR/CAD might be worth a look

The most obvious trade would be to buy EUR/CAD with support levels nearby in both EUR/USD (1.3650/60) and USD/CAD (1.0950). That said, we could easily see a test of these levels in early Europe so best to wait maybe until an hourly low forms and then buy? Not really my side, as I’d prefer to

ECB under increasing pressure for more ‘accommodative’ policy

Overnight we heard from the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, calling on the ECB to ease policy further as low inflation in the EZ causes increasing concern. She is not alone, with plenty of other analysts and commentators calling for some sort of increased stimulus. It seems to me however that the ECB will not act until