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As volatility increases pre-FOMC, look for buy-dip opportunities in EUR crosses

It’s too much of a gamble in my view to trade USD positions around FOMC time so I prefer to trade the crosses. Anytime the USD sees some major volatility, we will tend to see the crosses move hard and fast and some will obviously outpace others. This will give rise to some excellent opportunities,

EUR/USD: Pick a wide trading range from here

Somewhat of a train wreck overnight for EUR shorts across the board and the market was obviously overly positioned. The fundamental back-drop for the EUR remains bearish so I think we can still sell any big rallies but short-term sentiment will have shifted somewhat after last night’s rally, so dips will also be sought-after. In

EUR/USD: Barrier protection ahead of 1.3150

There have been some reports in the last few minutes in the FXWW chatroom of decent-sized selling flows in EUR/CAD and of strong bids ahead of an expected 1.3150 barrier in EUR/USD. There is an increasing expectation that the ECB will roll out some special easing measures as early as next week and that is fuelling

EUR/USD: Favour selling rallies keeping stops above last week’s highs

EUR crosses continue to look very heavy and the weekly close below .8000 in EUR/GBP certainly strengthens the bear’s case. EUR/NZD is in a solid downtrend. EUR/JPY is still the great unknown; will the medium-term up-trend re-ignite or will longer-term Japanese investors be forced out of EZ assets through a move lower in the EUR/JPY

Another very quiet start to the week but volatility slowly increasing

It’s been another very slow start to the interbank trading week with most of the major pairs hanging around Friday’s closing levels. There are no major economic events in Asia until the Chinese inflation data on Wednesday and of course the market will be hanging on the Fed minutes later the same day. Nevertheless, volatility