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Not seeing too many clear-cut trades at the moment

EUR/JPY still looks soft but the risk-reward in selling at current levels is not very attractive, and the same applies to USD/JPY. EUR/USD should find plenty of support from 1.3350 through 1.3270 and the big Prime Brokers all mention plenty of buying interest, but with the EUR crosses all looking soft, we may well see

Short-term technicals updated

I’ve updated EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY and EUR/CHF in the members section. You can also access them via Twitter (@Sean_lee_forex). EUR/USD: In retracement mode but buying dips from 1.3350 through 1.3270 (previous resistance band) is definitely preferred. EUR/JPY: Looks to be trying to form a rounding top formation. USD/JPY: Obvious parameters at 93.10/94.10. EUR/CHF: Important Fibo …

EUR/JPY: Another 60 pips lower in early Asian trade

The low this morning has been around 124.20 and there would seem to be scope for a much deeper retracement. I see initial support at 123.15 but really strong support levels don’t come in until 121. The one thing that seems guaranteed is volatility. I’ve updated most of the short-term technicals in the members

Cable and EUR/CHF technicals updated

You can follow any technical updates on Twitter (@Sean_Lee_forex) or in the members section. There are plenty of stop-loss orders reported close to the market in a variety of pairs and if they are still live tomorrow morning, then we should see even more volatility. Should be another interesting Monday morning in stop-loss city, I mean Sydney