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EUR: Why is Draghi now becoming more worried about a higher EUR

If Mario is trying to talk down the EUR, does that mean that he thinks it’s going higher?

I don’t think I’d be selling the EUR on this […]

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EUR/USD: Sideways trading preferred with both currencies looking weak

  • The EUR is looking weak on the crosses; the short-term EUR/GBP bull trend has broken down, the medium-term EUR/AUD bull trend looks to be reversing and now EUR/JPY is […]
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Not seeing many ‘value’ trades heading into London open but EUR/CAD might be worth a look

The most obvious trade would be to buy EUR/CAD with support levels nearby in both EUR/USD (1.3650/60) and USD/CAD (1.0950). That said, we could easily see a test of […]

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EUR/JPY: Looking quite heavy but solid technical support 140.65/85

This pair looks like it might become a directional leader in coming weeks and it’s certainly looking a bit soft post-ECB. That said, the BOJ don’t look to be […]

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EUR/USD: Approaching critical support levels

The important support levels in EUR/USD in my opinion are around 1.3650/80. If this band of support breaks then I believe the up-trend from 1.2750 might be in trouble […]

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ECB under increasing pressure for more ‘accommodative’ policy

Overnight we heard from the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, calling on the ECB to ease policy further as low inflation in the EZ causes increasing concern. She is not alone, […]

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EUR/USD: Market turning bearish, I prefer to range trade

  • EUR crosses are mixed with EUR/JPY turning bullish, EUR/GBP back to neutral, and EUR/AUD now quite bearish;
  • The most recent technical signals for EUR/USD have been bullish in my view […]
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EUR still looks heavy as crosses continue to weigh

  • The EUR has lost more ground against all of the other majors;
  • EUR/JPY is sitting right on important technical support levels at 140.20/40;
  • EUR/AUD has created a topping formation now and […]
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EUR starting to look soft on the crosses; drop buy-dip strategy for EUR/USD

  • EUR/AUD has made a major technical break lower below 1.50 and selling rallies is heavily favoured;
  • EUR/GBP has failed to hold technical support near .8325 and more short-term downside looks […]
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EUR/AUD: Massively important levels looming 1.4980/1.5000

Plenty of traders have been eyeing the developing Head-and-Shoulders formation in this pair. A clean break below 1.4980 would suggest that a massive top is in place and that […]

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EUR/USD: Bearish set-up now neutralised

I was trying to build a short position in EUR/USD and judging by yesterday’s price action, I wasn’t alone. Thankfully I got out at break-even and I’m leaving this […]

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Hard to find any clear signals at the moment but I remain bearish on EUR crosses

  • 1.3500 in EUR/USD looks like it might be a key level, if that breaks then look for a sell-rally strategy in EUR pair of your choice;
  • EUR/GBP is heading lower […]
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EUR/USD: Feels like 1.3500 could be critical for all EUR pairs

  • Solid technical support held yesterday at 1.3510/15 but the bounce has been fairly timid so far;
  • EUR/JPY neckline support held near 140.40 but a break below will lead to heavy […]
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EUR testing important support levels

  • EUR/USD is testing trend-line and 61.8% support at 1.3510/15; a clean break would indicate increased momentum.
  • EUR/JPY is testing support near 140.40, a clean break would suggest a topping formation […]
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Quiet start to interbank trading week

  • EUR crosses made more significant losses on Friday and I continue to play the EUR with a bearish bias;
  • The break and close below 1.3550 in EUR/USD will turn short-term […]
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EUR/USD: Short side favoured as crosses look bearish

  • EUR/AUD is back at longer term median levels near 1.55 (although the daily up-trend remains in place);
  • EUR/GBP is headed back sub-.80 in coming months (imho of course);
  • EUR/JPY as mentioned […]
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EUR/USD: Look for more slow range trading with focus on crosses

  • PB source suggests that there are strong bids near 1.3600 and heavy offers above 1.3690;
  • EUR/USD has been trading sideways for years and range trading is it’s default mode until […]
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EUR/JPY; trade idea for the bears

  • If you are bearish EUR/JPY and anticipating a developing topping pattern;
  • Sell as close to 142.80 as possible with a stop above 143.30;
  • Cover near 141.00 and play the 141/143 consolidation […]
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