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Professional market staying very bearish on EUR

  • Citi FX strategy ‘trade of the week’ is short EUR/USD;
  • Morgan Stanley ‘trade of the week’ is short EUR/JPY;
  • I have not spoken to one professional trader over the last 3/4 […]
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EUR/USD: Favour selling rallies keeping stops above last week’s highs

  • EUR crosses continue to look very heavy and the weekly close below .8000 in EUR/GBP certainly strengthens the bear’s case.
  • EUR/NZD is in a solid downtrend.
  • EUR/JPY is still the great […]
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Another very quiet start to the week but volatility slowly increasing

It’s been another very slow start to the interbank trading week with most of the major pairs hanging around Friday’s closing levels. There are no major economic events in […]

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USD preferred ahead of EUR and JPY in medium-term

Plenty of people asking me about the big pairs, EUR/USD and USD/JPY, as this is what they are used to trading and they find it difficult to start concentrating […]

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EUR/AUD: Contrarian trade idea

I guess if the EUR/USD is susceptible to a short-squeeze and the AUD/USD is capped by option sellers, then we should consider a contrarian EUR/AUD trade :)

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EUR: Likely to remain weakest of all major currencies

The EUR looks very sick on all of the major crosses and as they are the most recent addition to the negative rates/QE club, I’d expect this negative EUR […]

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EUR/USD: Not the time to be getting overly bearish

All of the signals are pointing toward a lower EUR/USD but the most important one, market momentum, suggests that it will have trouble breaking lower onto a new plane.

Just […]

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EUR/GBP: Even more reasons to be short now

The ECB decisions from yesterday make this trade an even more attractive proposition and I see no reason not to be selling any small rallies in expectation of a […]

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EUR: Best left alone until after the ECB

The market has written in a reduced Refi rate, a negative Discount rate, and some extra LTRO-like measures into tonight’s ECB rate decision. My sources in Germany tell me […]

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EUR/USD: Starting to feel increasingly bearish

  • EUR/GBP is consolidating below previous support at .8160 and medium-term bear targets near .77 are starting to come into view;
  • EUR/AUD ran into a brick wall near the previous long-term […]
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EUR/USD: 1.3650/70 looming as critical support level

The market was bullish EUR/USD at 1.3950 pre-ECB and is now bearish 250 pips lower. The dovish statement shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise and with […]

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EUR/USD: More medium-term sideways trading the most likely outcome

I certainly think there is significant potential for more downside in the EUR but this will happen mainly on the crosses I think. EUR/CAD, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY etc are all […]

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EUR: All eyes on ECB and possible dovish leaning

The majority of bank analysts are expecting no changes in policy or language from the ECB later today but I’m hearing a slightly different story.

The ECB will not be […]

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EUR/CAD short-term resistance at 1.5220 holding firm

A quick look at the hourly chart shows that technical resistance at 1.5220 is still holding firm in EUR/CAD. Good risk-reward entry levels for the bears at current levels.

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EUR/USD: Bears get some hope from overnight dip but…

It seems to me that the majority of traders, both professional and retail, are bearish EUR/USD. Whether they are short or not is another question. Certainly in the greater […]

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EUR/NZD: Very nice technical resistance level at 1.6320

You can see a 61.8% retracement level and a bearish trendline coming together near 1.6320.


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EUR looking well supported across the board

  • EUR/AUD is currently breaking above prior highs and a 38.2% retracement level near 1.5000;
  • EUR/GBP is trading sideways but heavy stops are reported above .8250;
  • EUR/JPY, like mentioned earlier, is threatening […]
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Cross flows driving EUR/USD higher

  • Cable caught a bid tone on the back of M&A chat;
  • EUR/GBP is well bid on the back of anticipated CB buying;
  • EUR/NZD demand has been noted by one of the […]
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