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NZD/USD: Happy to stick with long position, initial target .8570

I bought this pair last week and had an initial profit target at .8520, which just failed to get filled. I’m not too disappointed as the short-term price action feels constructively bullish, and I’m adjusting my expectations. I expect prices to be contained inside of a wide .8450/.8575 range with a definite bullish bias. I’m

Few range trade suggestions in NZD/USD, USD/CAD and Cable

The GBP still looks suspect on the crosses especially with pairs like GBP/CAD nearing very important support levels. We can expect further volatility and plenty of two-way action. I’m still in buy-big-dip mode in cable but will have to wait until the bearish bias in the crosses eases. 1.65/1.68 will cover most eventualities with a

More intraday range trading likely in AUD and NZD

NZD support levels held yesterday with the EUR/NZD bearish resistance line, a short-term AUD/NZD Fibo retracement and major NZD/USD support all holding after exacting tests; The AUD got a boost after decent housing and business conditions data but all local banks are reporting sell-rally interest in AUD/USD particularly. The NZD/USD will probably struggle to break

NZD/USD: Orders reports suggest ‘buy-dip’ intraday strategy

AUD/NZD: There are still reports of large stops below 1.0920 and a quick look at your charts will explain why they are there; AUD/USD: Solid corporate bids are reported near .9230/35 with more optionality at .9200. Sounds like a ‘buy-dip’ intraday strategy could pay dividends in NZD/USD and strong technical support at .8400 should attract