AUD/NZD: 1.0970/1.1020 with bearish bias

Reading through some of overnight interbank reports and after a quick look at the charts, I’d suggest a 1.0970/1.1020ish range in the short-term (if we’re lucky) and I have […]

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AUD/NZD: Looks like a ‘sell’ to me

The market has been trying to buy dips and breaks in AUD/NZD but I have the feeling that it may be now a bit long and wrong.

The NZD/USD is […]

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Looking to re-enter USD/CAD shorts and buy NZD/USD dip

Apologies for my silence today and if I haven’t replied to emails or DTs, the dreaded flu has hit me for six :(

The market remains cautiously bullish on the […]

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NZD/USD: Levels to watch today

  • Macro players still very long of NZD but short-term market has been getting short after RBNZ and up-coming risk events;
  • Interbank market reported some very solid bids yesterday at .8525 […]
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Overnight review: Sometimes it’s best to say nothing

It’s the end of July and the holiday season in Europe and the US is getting into full swing. This will go on through the month of August so […]

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NZD: Significant risk event on Tuesday afternoon

All NZD traders should take note of the Fonterra board meeting tomorrow afternoon NZ time.

The following is an excerpt from a WestPac report which is available in the FXWW […]

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Hedge Fund fast money looking to the US for opportunities

What I’m hearing from some contacts in the broader hedge fund market is that tech stocks and tech investments are very much the buzz words of the moment and […]

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AUD/USD dragged back towards large optionality at .9400

  • The USD has made some decent gains across the board with profit-taking in GBP/USD and NZD/USD having a big influence;
  • The AUD was well supported by AUD/NZD buying and
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NZD/USD: Still looking very soft, best wait with buy-dip strategy

Absolutely no respite for the NZD today and the bears have taken over control. NZD/USD is encountering waves of selling from multiple directions with long positions exiting en-masse.

I still […]

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NZD/USD: Model funds triggering stops below .8590

Most of the action is still in the flightless bird with stops triggered below .8590 in NZD/USD and the AUD/NZD cross trading above 1.1000.

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AUD trying to edge higher after China flash PMI

The number was slightly above expectations and the market seems happy to try buying the AUD. AUD/NZD got a boost after the RBNZ this morning and there are big […]

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NZD: No sign of bounce despite decent trade data

The monthly trade data for June has just been released and it came in slightly better than expected. Despite this, the NZD hasn’t shown any propensity to bounce.

I’m still […]

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AUD: Fundamentals slightly more bullish

  • Iron ore prices have been falling in recent months but export volumes have been increasing with BHP Billiton announcing new record levels of production;
  • Yesterday’s CPI data will keep the […]
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NZD/USD: Looking for dip-buying opportunity, keep close eye on price action

  • My macro view remains the same that the commodity currencies will stay strong whilst the big 3 will remain weak as they continue with QE;
  • Interest rates in NZ remain […]
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NZD falls heavily after RBNZ signals pause in tightening

I think many people can make a very solid argument that the RBNZ should not have tightened this time either, but after the strong tone from the last meeting […]

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NZD: Likely to stay heavy on crosses as milk prices stay heavy

  • Industry research still suggests large inventories of milk powder in particular in China;
  • Geo-political tensions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East will keep risk-sentiment nervous;
  • The NZD is at close […]
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AUD/JPY: Stay short for now, reverse on bigger dips

  • Very solid technical resistance now at 96.55;
  • Short-term market sentiment seems to have swung in JPY favour;
  • The RBA will continue to try and talk the AUD down;
  • USD/JPY is in sideways […]
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AUD/USD: Decent selling interest near .9400

It looks unlikely that this level will be tested today unless of course the Chinese GDP data surprises significantly to the topside.

Hourly support levels start around .9330. Pretty hard […]

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