GBP/NZD worth considering a long trade on bullish break of 1.9520.

  • GBP/NZD has just broken technical resistance near 1.9520;
  • Cable looks set to break above important resistance at 1.6825;
  • The GBP looks generally strong on all crosses;
  • The NZD looks generally weak on […]
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AUD/NZD: Targeting technical resistance at 1.0940

We have taken out one large resistance level already near 1.0890 as NZ CPI and this morning’s dairy auction weighed on the Kiwi.

The next big technical level in the […]

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NZD/JPY: Still worth considering this short-trade strategy

It’s too close to Easter for me and I’m happy to stay on the sidelines but the risk-off players out there can still consider this trade especially given that […]

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AUD/USD: More downside risk as long weekend beckons

Like I said yesterday morning, the short-term AUD market smells a bit long heading into the long Easter weekend and we will see profit taking emerge at […]

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NZD/JPY: Bearish entry level for ‘risk-off’ players

If you are of the opinion that we may get some risk-off sentiment ahead of the long Easter break, then you might consider an entry level near a 61.8% […]

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AUD/USD: Still looking bit overbought ahead of RBA minutes

Hate to rub it in :) but the place to buy AUD/USD was at .9025 a few weeks ago and not to be chasing it higher towards […]

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AUD/USD longs getting squeezed; look for support near .9335

  • The short-term market was obviously a bit overly long AUD and we are getting a typical Friday position squeeze;
  • AUD/USD support is expected to be very solid near .9335;
  • NZD/USD may […]
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AUD/USD: Next resistance near .9450 prior daily highs

The dip-buyers aren’t getting any chances at all and the AUD/USD smashed through the 94 cents barrier after better-than-expected jobs data.

The numbers weren’t mind-bogglingly good, so shows you just […]

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AUD/USD: Big barrier battle ahead of .9400 on big-data day

  • A very large US investment house was a noted seller at .9398/99 overnight, obviously protecting a large barrier;
  • Australian employment and Chinese trade data should ensure intraday volatility for the […]
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NZD/USD makes marginal new highs, no follow-through as yet

NZD/USD is trading above previous daily highs at .8700 but hasn’t accelerated. I’d stay in the buy-dip camp here for now. The overall bull target is a weekly high […]

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AUD/USD: Market still smells short, buying dips the play

I know it’s rather unscientific but the AUD/USD market still ‘smells’ very short to me and more topside is likely. There will of course be pull-backs but the fact […]

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NZD/USD: Leading the way in fairly quiet trade

There isn’t much happening anywhere in the FX market today, with USD/JPY having undone it’s earlier losses and the other majors trading very quietly.

NZD/USD has been the main mover […]

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AUD/USD: Still in buy-big-dip camp

This pair has been good to me in recent weeks so I’m staying patient and waiting for the right entry levels. The consolidation between .92/.93 could carry on for […]

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AUD/USD: Looks like .92/.93 consolidation range but bias still very bullish

Everything about the AUD over the last few weeks suggests to me that it’s heading higher and Friday’s price action merely re-reinforces my view. The recent .92/.93 consolidation range […]

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AUD bullish now against all other majors

The last pair to turn was AUD/NZD but that seems to have happened now and we can safely say that the AUD is in a very strong bullish phase.

That’s […]

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Levels to watch in the NZD crosses

  • EUR/NZD: Initial resistance at a 38.2% retracement level near 1.6105;
  • NZD/USD: Resistance now at the .8640 breakdown level with support levels fairly light until .8500/20;
  • NZD/JPY: Has been on a vertical […]
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NZD/USD: Might be due for a downside correction

FXWW888, our resident hedge fund trader in the FXWW/Reuters messenger chat-room, is suggesting that the Kiwi might be in for some downside pressure today.

Interesting level here 8640 in NZD… […]

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AUD/USD: Sideways consolidation favoured before more upside

We saw plenty of profit takers emerge on 2 separate occasions yesterday near .9300 and this looks to be a short-term high. I’d expect to see a test of […]

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