Can’t see the Algos being busy in early Europe

It’s a complete waste of time looking for trade opportunities on days like today so best to do a bit of research and try and figure out where the next move might come from. The best chance of a move in early Europe will come from the much maligned (and unfairly so in my opinion) Algo funds. These guys look for short term trading opportunities when markets are out of sync or stops are ripe for plucking. It’s difficult to see where such opportunities might arise today. We’ve had very little movement so the market can hardly be mis-aligned and positioning is very low overall, so can’t see any moves being generated by stop hunts either.

  1. I think that despite the severe fundamental problems in Europe the market is tired of selling the euro (which doesn’t really seem to go much lower than this 1.27 level), so a rebound is possible. Of course, I don’t imagine a huge move. Up to the 2780-2820 level.

  2. Certainly very feasible Szabi, but not easy to trade. If it dips again to 12670 then decent risk-reward buy but otherwise hard to find a decent trading opportunity

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