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Cable: wait for big dips to re-enter longs

There’s a lot of readjustment going on in the crosses with GBP/AUD buying, GBP/JPY selling etc driving moves in every direction. I think that cable has made a major low below 1.5000 and this was reinforced by the double-bottom and neckline at 1.5000 and 1.5150.

I’m looking to re-enter longs on any decent dips back towards 1.5350.

  1. Sean,

    Have you updated your entry level on GBP/USD at 1.5350 ? It still seems interesting to buy dips between [1.5400/1.5370] ?? ok it’s a long way to go from current level but on M/T…

  2. I’ve got quite a lot of risk on at moment through AUD/USD so I need to concentrate all my resources on this trade for now. I do like the buy-dip trade for cable but its as always a matter of getting the timing right

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