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Cable under pressure as Buba buys EUR/GBP

The clever guys (well done FXWW888) were long EUR/GBP just above .8470 in anticipation of the usual end-of-month Buba buying and that’s exactly what happened. Cable is back below 1.5400 and I’ve still got hopeful bids in place at 1.5290/70.

  1. hi Sean, from you recent post know that you actually are bullish to GBP, but may I know are the coming of Carney include the factor of yours bullish?? because what I know that the whole market are believe Carney will make more stimulus to devalue the pound, so if you are bullish to it, mean that you think actually Carney won’t make any changed or the Jan falling been price in for this factor already??I’m concern about it due to I’m at bear side

  2. Sean, good evening! In my opinion 1.5352 in the pound, you can try to buy with a hard stop (if it is not a set of large positions in long), in the case of leaving rates below 1.5228 is not a bad place to purchase the pound. On 1.52 sure to be a good demand for the pound. Personally I buy a pound in those places mentioned. Good luck to you, Sean!

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