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Cable: Trying to break higher after BOE minutes and jobs data

Sterling has been lagging well behind the EUR on this latest leg higher and it’s been trying hard to make up some ground after the latest set of economic data and MPC minutes. I think any major gains will be hard fought and with EUR/GBP back in bullish mode, I think selling intraday rallies is the easiest way to trade cable. I have trendline resistance and a 76.4% retracement coming in at 1.6160 and if an hourly top forms near there, then I’ll be interested.

  1. Is glad to welcome, Sean!
    The cable achieved the object 1.6177. From 1.6177 sale with final the purpose 1.5835 is open. The stop 1.4845 is also bought GBP/CHF steam, aim the area 1.5000, it is possible 1.5052-71. While so in this pair, but I think that in it bigger potential of movement up. Successes to you Sean!

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