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Cable: Target filled at 1.6410

The first of my longer term targets at 1.6410 has been filled. Remember that we’ve come from 1.50 on this rally and momentum will start to wane at some stage. I’m sticking by my 1.75 target for early next year but booking some interim profits and re-loading on dips is never a bad idea.


  1. the old master is back. well done old man. you have been doing good this year and wish you loads of profit and success next year. I have made a resolution that I will be only focusing on eur/usd this month. so will talk abt that only. my target till thursday is 1.33-34

  2. PP, I’ve found that the contrarian strategy best suits me and although there are plenty of false starts, once it turns my way the moves tend to be consistent

  3. I see that. It was a really beautiful trade. Because everyone was first bearish, then they were confused when the pound refused to go down and when you were already in big profit they just began turning bullish.

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