Flows and Orders/GBP crosses

Cable: Still some buying interest 1.5660/70

Exactly the same as when we were down at these levels 2 weeks ago, there are solid bids reported below 1.5670 and stops starting below 1.5650. Definitely sounds like an option play?

  1. Sean,

    This morning, we haven’t tested 1.5660/70 and we are now at 1.5715. Is it good idea whether I reverse my short to long at this level ?

  2. Good evening Sean,

    Thanks for the e-mail. My strategy is to build a short for this trade. I guess, I will make some mistakes with this process. For now, I will concentrate only on the cable. Let’s see how this plan works.

    1. > Sean,

      For now, we have failed 1.5770, I bought yesterday at 1.5716 with a tight stop 1.5700. What do you think if I resell -2 units here to take the profits and reverse to my initial short ?

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