Flows and Orders

Cable orders: Stops noted topside

There is buying interest reported both sides of the cable market, with buyers seen 1.6160/65 and option-related stops above 1.6250 and again above 1.6300. Various rumors still about possible China interest topside but I will believe it when I see it!

  1. Good afternoon Sean,

    Nice to see some freshs news for the cable at 1.6250. Yesterday, I shorted EUR/JPY at 110.26 (2 units). Lets see how the market develops 😉

  2. Good luck Papillon. Quite a bit of CB activity yesterday in cable, both sides of market, looked like year-end squaring. Good luck with EJ, still might see 11150/11200 but that’ll be toppy imho

  3. I welcome Sean!
    On EUR/JPY I think 112.40-113.60 there is a top before the price will be developed. There I offered orders for sale. On EUR/USD I hold purchase for the purpose of 1.35 or about that. Successes to you Sean!

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