Flows and Orders/GBP crosses/Technical Analysis

Cable orders: Solid buying interest 1.5850/60

  • Macro fund and Sovereign bids reported near 1.5850/60:
  • A quick look at the daily chart shows that both the 100-day and 200-day MAs are near this same level:
  • (That usually means that there will be plenty of stop-loss sell orders below there (probably below 1.5825ish)).
  1. Morning Sean,

    I guess, this week you would attend to the FX carnival 😉 ? This morning, did you post “Asia open market” on Fxstreet ? From my side, I look for a sell rally in EUR/JPY.

  2. Thank for the link. Did you look CFTC weekly data for USD/JPY, the market has increased the short for JPY, what do you think with this level (-40K)–http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/IMM5JNCN:IND/ ?

  3. From my market source : “Watch out for LHS euro-sterling corporate (dividend) interest to come to market around 1100GMT.”

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