Flows and Orders/GBP crosses

Cable: More likely to go down rather than up in short-term

Weak trailing stops are building just below the market and one of my contacts in HK, who’s been very accurate in recent months on the GBP, suggests that there is more risk to the downside pre-NFP.

Stops are below 1.5490 and again below 1.5460.

  1. Good evening Sean,

    Yesterday we have rebounded on USD/CHF from 9245 and we have a support on EUR/USD at 1.3035. You mentioned some sovereign bids at 1.2950/75. In this context, have you some thoughts on USD/CHF trade ? Thanks Sean.

  2. As long as it stays above 9240 then I’m moderately optimistic but I’ve got the timing on this trade totally wrong and that’s made life very difficult

  3. I’m from singapore and I’m going to finish my national service soon, very interested in fx but do not know where to start my career from.

  4. Hi Muneer, I’m an old dinosaur who’s been trading FX since 1986, only trade my own funds now. You should try applying to the big banks in Singapore for a trainee position, though you will more than likely need to have a university degree.

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