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Cable: Back to the good old, wild old days

Sorry but I’ve been tied up with admin surrounding the chat-room but I’ve obviously been watching the gyrations in cable with interest. It used to be like this all the time, up and down 150/250 pips and then finishing in same place! I wouldn’t read too much into these sorts of moves, apart from the fact that the market is undecided.

I’m still small long, best to let things settle down before making any big decisions. But, if the rally keeps going to silly levels near 1.55, then I’ll sell and look to re-buy dips.

  1. LOL Sean, I always keep my mouth shut if I’m holding the opposite of someone’s trades but we both managed to make money today by buying and selling around the same level! I got out on the dip with some 70 pips short profit, and your long is looking good too. Crazy days, indeed.

  2. That’s the way we like It Susanna. Yep, sold 1/2 almost exactly at the top, so feeling very clever 🙂 Was a fairly small trade so no retirement plans just yet 🙂

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