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Cable and EUR/CHF technicals updated

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There are plenty of stop-loss orders reported close to the market in a variety of pairs and if they are still live tomorrow morning, then we should see even more volatility. Should be another interesting Monday morning in stop-loss city, I mean Sydney 🙂

  1. Sean,

    can you tell me the stoploss orders for aud/usd. one more thing it is good that you got stopped out on your aud/jpy shorts with minimum loss of 50 pips. I don’t know how many lots you trade with but you are not the only one who has got stopped out. Pros lose less than retailers lose and I have myself lost a lot in this past 4 months.

  2. Topside stops in the AUD and AUD crosses I hear. No exact levels yet, will let you know in the morning when I hear.
    I got stopped out of EUR/AUD just before it rallied 1000 pips and I’m afraid that AUD/JPY will do something similar to me. Still gotta stick to basic risk-management rules and sometimes the luck is in and sometimes not

  3. I dont think its worth the hustle fighting yen drop, had heard they want to place some kind of a floor on usdyen at 90 sometime back when it was at 85 and they have been repeatedly seen at 87/88 buying dips, i think this time they mean business

  4. I would be careful on short AUD side. If economy is picking up steam, which recent price action would imply, then we might finally get end of cycle commodities spike. I heard some quite bullish fundamental comments regarding oil towards year end. At this moment I am quite a puzzled puppy with respect to commodities. At one side I hear oil 200, on the other side economy is still quite weak and can not support true shock from oil prices. I know AUD is not oil related, but it still rhymes. I would watch WTI price action around 100, if it breaks triangle to the upside then we can see some fireworks…

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