As many of you are aware, the FXWW business model was created almost 15 years ago to help professional FX traders transition from interbank dealing rooms to the creation of hedge funds.

The model has evolved significantly since then and much of our focus is now on helping the next generation of talented retail traders make the transition from personal-account trading to 3rd party funds management, and all that this entails.
My own personal journey taught me one valuable lesson. It’s much easier to make money trading if you have an extra income coming in from other (preferably market-related) sources.
There are many ways that a trader can earn a supplementary income in the retail FX space (see e-book). Whilst establishing your business, be it primary or more of a sideline, there is no need to go through the wasted time and severe over-spend that I encountered!
I can save you the time and the money.
We have partnered with the very experienced Marmot Inc (see profile) to create a business template for virtually anyone who wants to create an online business in the retail FX space. Whether your business is education, training, mentoring, trading signals, research, reports, commentary or any other avenue, we will help you set your business up in the most cost-effective, time-effective and income-effective way.