Brief overview of Asian trade

  • Yen weakened again after comments from Japanese PM Abe that BOJ must attain 2% inflation target:
  • EUR/JPY opened slightly above its 119.00 closing level, gapped quickly from 119.20 to 119.70, and slowly moved to test 120.00:
  • AUD triggered trailing stops below 1.0525 after more poor domestic economic data, this time job ads and house financing:
  • Chinese stocks rise by over 2.5% after a down-day on Friday, Nikkei closed for public holiday:
  • Fed’s Evans comfortable with current policy, should create more jobs, will exit QE if successful:
  • China FX regulator looking at other ways of using FX reserves.
  1. Good morning Sean,

    Friday was a good day for your trades (EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP) ;-). From my side, I had a good sentiment on EUR but I have never catched the right level on EUR/GBP or EUR/USD after the ECB meeting.

  2. Yeah, its tricky after we’ve been in range trade mode for so long on EUR. I think EUR/CHF also worth watching, maybe look for dips 12170ish? There will always be pullbacks I think but feels like mkt is undergoing big mood change imho

  3. Sean,

    This morning AUD looks tired to go higher ? Whad do you think with this trade : short at this level with SL above 1.060 ?

  4. I sorta like this trade on intraday basis. 10450/10600 looks like range and EUR/AUD is well bid. On negative side, Chinese shares +3% today so risk definitely on in equity markets

  5. Hi Sean,
    What do you think about that 1.06 barrier? Should be triggered soon, although timing is everything and the Aussie price action is strange lately.

  6. Sell orders were v v heavy around 10600 and interbank guys were pretty sure 1st time that it wud hold. I’d guess that it will hold 2nd time also and then 3rd time will break?

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