Brief overview of Asian market

  • Australian jobless rate falls to 5.2%, helping AUD/USD to an intraday high above 1.0480:
  • Closer look at data showed full-time jobs being replaced by part-time and the AUD has slid back to opening levels:
  • Japanese opinion polls have LDP well ahead in general election race, helping Yen crosses to find fresh buyers:
  • Corporate sellers capped USD/JPY between 82.50/60:
  • ¬†Nikkei rose by almost 1% but most other markets were flat.
  1. Good afternoon Sean,

    This overnight was quiet for Asia session. I guess, the market could move slowly this morning before the ECB/BOE meeting.

  2. No worries I am trying to stay awake as well…maybe I will sell some more swissy !! the dip overnight filled another buy order in aud/chf…..The English Patient

  3. I welcome Sean!
    AUD/JPY I think to start selling of 88.27 in medium-term prospect, earlier simply I don’t see an entrance on sale. Successes Sean!

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