BOJ today, Mr Bernanke tonight

It should be a reasonably busy day and I expect that we will see plenty of ups and downs across all pairs. Put your trading caps on and don’t get too married to any particular view.

The BOJ are unlikely to offer any surprises and personally I would be surprised if Mr Bernanke does anything surprising either. Comments from Bullard and Dudley would seem to suggest that a mention of ‘tapering’ is an outside bet and the fall in 10-year US yields late in the day suggests that the market thinks the same thing.



  1. morning Sean, do you still keeping your USD/CHF long? i have to trim my short EUR/USD position pre Bernanke but i feel that this may be sell the facts after he open his mouth 🙂

  2. Hi Dok, I’m still long USD/CHF but have also bought some cable at 5175 on average so basically have GBP/CHF position now. I’d rather not have too much USD exposure pre Fed and I’m sure we will get plenty of chances after the event

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