JPY crosses/USD/JPY

BOJ: Probably enough there to satisfy the Yen bears

The ‘open-ended easing’ should be broad enough to encourage the market into some more Yen selling although the lack of a timeline will worry some.

If I had been short USD/JPY heading into the BOJ, I would probably cover now and take the small loss. If I’d been long, I would probably have a trailing stops now below 89.30. Luckily I was square and I’m staying that way!

  1. good day sean,
    Off a month long break and just easing into work, me.
    Iv triggered small shorts on usd/jpy and eur/jpy. I see clear divergence on all time frames on the usd/jpy and i think this is the perfect time for some of the big boys to dump their hand onto some of the naive ones.
    best of luck.

  2. yes..morgan stanley has a limit buy order on the usd/jpy at 86.50.

    ( is it ok sean for me to post reliable news info in response to comments?)

  3. Hi Sean,
    If there is one thing i learnt from my previous finger burning attempts to trade this pair that would be to ignore all fundamentals for this pair. At this moment, I think i see buy the rumor sell the fact. Then again, I may be just be seeing things lol.

  4. il be selling rallies..hoping to trigger longs at around 86/87’s in the usd/jpy and maybe a lot earlier in the eur/jpy consideering euro strength.

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