Bit of market research help please

Both this blog and the main FXWW website are undergoing some major renovations so if you have any suggestions or preferred requirements, please let me know.

Sorry I’m away for the evening but will check back in later for some ECB and BOE volatility. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

  1. what’s the main purpose of this blog, attract like-mined trading people, communiation. To do this, the current format is already good, if have pics(contain inforamtion) or calendar would be better. Or have more experienced authors cover the whole trading day. hehe

  2. If I may be allowed to say, to compensate author’s efforts, it’s good to accept more qualified ads. Author write good comments/analysis, readers more, and more traffic, and push authors to do more. It’s a win-win. With all the respect, forexlive’s traffic down seriously since your left. So the core is still find the right authors. Of course they are rare.

  3. Sean, what distinguishes this site (like fxlive) is the market info. Timely commentary on data releases, news, etc are necessary, but these are also available at other sites, perhaps not as good, but they have it. What nobody has is reliable order flow info, who is buying / selling at what levels. The kind of info that a bank trader gets. If you can get such info, and it is reliable, I’d guess many would be willing to even pay a reasonable fee to subscribe. Of course, you will have to be careful to remain objective and trustworthy, or the site can become a channel for spreading rumours and false info.
    Some expert insights from experienced traders, and the opportunity to discuss with other traders to go with the data / news / info will be a perfect match.
    So basically, more of the same please! 🙂

  4. Another small thing: The layout could be changed to give more prominence to comments/discussion. And please, the time of a post should be in the heading of the post. It’s very important to judge the relevance of the post to current market activity. Currently we have to click on the post to see what time it was made.

  5. Sean,

    Any chance we may have some two persons one to cover the European session and the other to do the US? Pete(formerly Flive) could be that someone?

    How is your recruitment business for banks and funds coming along?

    Many Thanks.

  6. Thanks Hitesh, yes I have some help arriving very soon in form of one commentator plus some live strategies from professional traders. To be honest, the trader recruitment has been somewhat disappointing so far. Not in terms of interest, I’ve been deluged with applications, but in terms of finding consistently profitable traders; they are as rare as hen’s teeth 🙂

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