Bit of easy reading from Michael Lewis

Here’s the latest Vanity Fair article from Michael Lewis, again related to Goldman Sachs.

  1. I glanced over the story over the weekend. It is full of false information, he got the facts wrong or twisted them (example, Sergey was fully aware of why he was arrested at Newark Airport and he did take the code to his future employers in Chicago in order to sweeten the deal and the same guys in Chicago blew the whistle on him, that is all documented in one of the Bloomberg stories I read a while ago). I guess it goes without mention that I lend more credibility to such story than to Michael Lewis who has books to promote and publishes in Vanity Fair rather than the WSJ or FT).

  2. I do not think any mass media coverage about this story shows true picture. Overall I am pretty confident that teza was not interested in code from goldman, mostly because gs is not a top player in the field… Thus i tend to believe that Serge just a collaterall damage in a war for talent and sphere of influence.

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