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Big hedge fund bailing out of positions across all financial markets

Many thanks to our hedge fund insider for this latest tasty morsel of information. One of the ultra-huge hedge funds started dumping positions yesterday in cash, bonds and equities. Part of this position adjustment was almost certainly in USD/JPY but the 300 pip fall there was also partly caused by the risk-averse sentiment out of other markets.

Risk-reward favours the risk averse play in my view and I’m looking to sell any intraday rallies in EUR/JPY.

  1. Hi Sean, For your info… not sure if others have this problem but I find your web site very slow when first going into and when I refresh. Don’t have the same problems with other sites.
    hope it can be fixed thanks

  2. Thanks Vivien, the level of traffic has taken me by surprise. I will be moving on to a better server in next week or so (hopefully sooner), apologies for slow-ness

  3. Hi Edward, I’m just watching and waiting. I need to see how the market reacts at certain levels before commiting to a trade. Ideally I’d like to sell as close to 131 as possible but not sure we get there

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