• 1.Proven track record over a relevant period.
  • 2.Ability to manage drawdowns.
  • 3.Successful record in managing different market conditions.
  • 4.Ethical business practice and compliance background.
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Member Stories

  • John

      My overall trading strategy is best described as discretionary macro that uses a two stage process to identify investment themes within currency markets. Initially, I’d begin with the fundamental evaluation of market data in the G-10 space vs. their inter-market relationships to other correlated assets in order to identify investment themes. After building a fundamental reasoning to buy or sell a currency and determining overall market sentiment, I would leverage my experience in identifying technical patterns and trends to determine whether the pair in question is consolidating or trending
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    • Milan

        Milan has the most important of all attributes, passion. Although still well short of his 21st birthday, he has been trading, analysing and blogging for over 6 years. He is studying economics and finance at university and we have little doubt that traders like Milan are the future of the FX market. Milan's trading style is short-term discretionary and he generates most of his trading ideas through his interaction with the FXWW network of professional traders.
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