Thank you for your interest in the AxiSelect Program.

Shortly you will receive an email from the program director Sean Lee of FXWW with further information regarding your participation in the program.

About FXWW

At FXWW, we believe that the next generation of professional FX traders will be found in the ranks of retail traders. The key elements which each professional trader needs are Information, Funding and Data. We have created a suite of products and services to cater to these needs.


FXWW is a provider of premium professional services as well as being a network of professional traders. We partner with industry leaders such as Thomson Reuters in order to provide our members with market-best-quality goods and services.

Sean Lee

Since graduating with a Pure Economics degree in 1986, Sean has spent almost 30 years in both the institutional and retail FX spaces. He is very unique with both his depth of knowledge and breadth of contacts across the entire FX industry.