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Axi Select Incubation Program for talented traders

FXWW is the sole manager of the Axi Select incubation program. We believe this to be a unique program which offers talented retail traders a clear pathway to becoming a professional trader. We know that the next generation of trading talent will come from the retail ranks, and this program will help us to develop these individuals.

The program has been in operation for over 7 months. Traders are assessed by FXWW during a live-account tracking phase (although prior trading records do carry some weight) and suitable candidates will receive an initial allocation from the Axi Select proprietary fund. The allocations start at reasonably modest levels but increase quite quickly once the trader shows promise. The trader receives between 20/25% of fresh trading profits in the form of a commission.

The third stage of the program is where we ensure that the trader has the requisite regulatory cover and appropriate marketing material, before introducing them to professional funding possibilities. This obviously only applies to traders with proven performance in terms of profitability and risk-management consistency.

If you have the passion, commitment and talent to make it as a professional trader, then go to the Axi Select website and register to receive more information.



  1. What is the downside risk for Axi? Will they provide the seed funding. How much will profit share be for someone who has proven him/herself and will be funded by Axi?


  2. Axi Corp has provided the seed funding so they obviously take all the risk on board in case the traders lose. The program pays between 20/25% commission (depends slightly on the level of the allocation) to the traders on all new profits made (high water mark) on a quarterly basis.

  3. Hi Sean,
    Wonderful website and I like the seed funding concept.
    However,if someone become a professional trader,can he keep this job going along with the primary job?
    Sorry if my question is silly.


  4. Not a silly question at all Avanish. The vast majority of people cannot afford to give up their jobs to chase after a dream which might not happen. So it is expected that traders will still have their normal jobs whilst in the incubation state. As soon as the trader moves to managing for professional investors, it would be strongly assumed that they are then full-time at this stage. Hope that makes sense? Cheers- Sean

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