EUR/GBP still tracking higher post-BOE

The aforementioned stops above .8230 were easy pickings after the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England delivered their latest.

The big levels to watch in cable are 1.6760 […]

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EUR/USD: Totally at mercy of the crosses

I do not expect EUR/USD to move too far away from current levels over coming sessions. All the action will be in the crosses with pairs like EUR/AUD and […]

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USD/CAD M&A activity

Our hedge fund insider posted this in the FXWW chat-room on Reuters:

We should keep an eye on this M/A deal – William Ackman partnering Quebec-based Valeant Pharmaceuticals to buy […]

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EUR/GBP: Moving higher in early European trade

Most of the market’s focus has been on the crosses in recent weeks and today is no exception. The AUD was the big mover during Asian trade, losing ground […]

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AUD/USD still hunting stops below .9290

The AUD is in sharp reverse across all the crosses and the stop-losses reported earlier in the AUD/USD below .9290 are currently being targeted. Support levels don’t really tighten […]

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EUR/AUD techs: Struggling to break back above the 200-dma

Since breaking below the 200-dma 3 weeks ago, EUR/AUD has been unable to break back above it. This level comes in today at 1.4844 which has been the high […]

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AUD under pressure after CPI data

Stops in the AUD/USD below .9350 have been triggered after lower than expected CPI data.

Look for intraday rallies to be capped now below .9350.

More stops were reported below .9295.

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Australian CPI and Chinese PMI on today’s agenda

Absolutely nothing happened overnight so we must hope that the twin risk events of Australian CPI and Chinese PMI will get the market moving.

Prices in Australia are […]

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AUD/USD: Edging higher on back of real money demand

The AUD/USD opened this morning around .9330 and has edged slowly higher on the back of demand from real-money funds.

Further gains are also likely to be hard-fought with hedge […]

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AUD/USD: Watch for stops below .9300

Overall I’m still very bullish on the AUD/USD but a quick look at the charts suggests to me that there will be plenty of trailing stop-loss orders below the […]

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USD/JPY: More sideways trading likely with medium-term bull trend still intact

USD/JPY has been going sideways for the last 3 months and I see no reason for this to change just yet. The bullish daily trendline held very nicely near […]

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EUR/GBP: Looking to build on short position between .8180/.8280

I’m quite bearish on this cross but as we know it can trade sideways for weeks on end before going on a run. I still expect Fibo support at […]

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Modest moves in crosses but market basically unchanged after long weekend

There has been very little movement in the FX market over the last 4 days with only some modest moves in the EUR and JPY crosses. Today is shaping […]

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Cable: Stops triggered above 1.6825 in thin trading conditions

Market conditions were always going to start thinning out today ahead of the long weekend and the first victim has been the stops above 1.6825 in cable.

I would not […]

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EUR/GBP: Fresh shorts in play

I had a really good run lower on this pair from .8540 to .8200 and even managed to turn long once the 61.8% Fibo at .8150 held firm. But […]

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Plenty of action still in the crosses

For an old ‘cross’ trader like myself, yesterday was a very interesting day with the NZD leading the way during Asian trade, the GBP taking over during European trade […]

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GBP/NZD worth considering a long trade on bullish break of 1.9520.

  • GBP/NZD has just broken technical resistance near 1.9520;
  • Cable looks set to break above important resistance at 1.6825;
  • The GBP looks generally strong on all crosses;
  • The NZD looks generally weak on […]
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GBP: Testing important resistance levels after very decent UK jobs data

  • Unemployment rate now under 7.0%;
  • Very important technical resistance in cable at 1.6825;
  • Clean break will have market set on testing 1.7000;
  • EUR/GBP testing recent lows and also looks set to test […]
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