AUD/USD: We do love a big call and sub-.80 cents qualifies!

A former colleague of mine who now works in the real world, gets a very deep insight into actual retail demand in most of the major economic centres.

He still follows the FX market very closely and his BIG CALL for the year is that AUD/USD will not see levels north of .91 cents and that we will see levels below .8000 in the next 9 months. He bases this on what he is seeing in China and the lack of alternative industrial innovation in Australia.

I’m neutral, but if we do see that dip I’ll be filling my boots!

  1. Wow …. I think the bigger call above is that for the rest of this year we (in your mates opinion) will not see a .91 handle …. it does seem over the last week despite AUD strength, that all and sundry have been calling it deep into the .85-.86 area.

    I agree things are not looking rosy from economy perspective and we have the ever present desire from authorities for a lower rate however I am wary of the CB’s – I hope they have lost their interest in the AUD and in fact as EUR regains its feet, their re-balancing will see some AUD unwinding … ie buying EURAUD

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