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AUD/USD: Trendline resistance holds nicely

The trendline resistance on the 4-hour chart held really nicely near .9750 and the AUD/USD has slipped quickly back towards .9700. USD/JPY has popped up to 102.35 but I’m not reading much into any of these moves, just the usual noise in thin early-Asian markets.

  1. EURAUD taking off as long from 1.32, and i like u mentioned Sean..would love for it to goto 1.38 (fingers crossed), since have been burnt in the past with this pair..

  2. Hi Sean so what do you make of aussie strong pullback yesterday reversing the drop from Ben and now lower is it a buy or sell on rallies and is waitg for .9840 the better sell or you dont see it going that high. Thks yass

  3. I never did take that aud/jpy trade last night. After seeing china numbers it felt heavy and I had a feeling once 99.43 area broke it was going to be a long downside. Just wait and see what happens.

  4. Hi Yass, think its a range trade for next week or so 9600/9850 will cover it. Bearish bias still but buy really big dips from l/t perspective; that’s how I plan on playing it

  5. It was getting late here in pennsylvania. Called it a night. Yes sell rallies does seem the way to play once that wedge broke. Going to be tough to break the 99.40. I was at work today so couldn’t trade.

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