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AUD/USD trade strategy

Overall I’m in the buy-big-dip camp but I think we may get a test of .9225 in coming days. I’m certainly not willing to go short unless I’ve got some profit in the trade, so this is how I’m thinking of approaching it (presuming nothing too unexpected happens).

  1. Look for break of support at .9280 and buy that dip with stops below .9200;
  2. If market rallies from there back towards .9400, sell and reverse the position with stops then above .9465;
  3. If we pick the swings correctly, cover shorts, reverse and increase long position on the final big dip towards .9225 again with stops well below .9200.
  1. No strong view in EUR/JPY so I would tend to pick a range, maybe 133.25/135.25 and select a short-term bias, probably bearish, and start trading. Sell rallies, buy dips, all usual stuff

  2. Hi Sean. Thanks for sharing your ideas all the time. They are quite useful and working well towards ur aim to provide some level playing field to retailers 🙂

    One question : what is your take on AUD/NZD? Do you believe in the parity theory roaming around ?

  3. nah, don’t buy into that theory at all AKS but you just never know with the Kiwi, it can do some very strange things. Chinese cash still flowing in both sides of the Ditch

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