AUD,NZD/Flows and Orders

AUD/USD: Those hedge fund offers capped the pair nicely

Lots of cross action happening in the AUD as well, with EUR/AUD through the proverbial roof. Hedge funds were consistent sellers all day today in AUD/USD and most of yesterday afternoon as well; looks like their selling is having some effect.

  1. Hi Sean, i read a note a month ago from FX Concept’s John Taylor and he was bearish on AUD looking for parity. I think its the biggest FX hedge fund out there.

  2. He’s certainly good at self promotion. He makes so many big calls that eventually he will get one right.
    But I do agree with this idea, seems very unlikely that we see 110 this year imho and much more likely to see levels near 95 again imho.
    They are a long way from the biggest FX HF

  3. Hi Sean, still on your idea of aud short and what a great trade. Where should I target? Seems hard for aud to fall a lot. Loss some on the usd / chf long as too early. Thanks

  4. Sorry about the USD/CHF Marco, got my timing wrong there but I still really like the direction.
    On the AUD/USD, well done there, buy dips and re-sell on rallies would be my advice. Prob 50 pip dips I’d look to cover then sell rallies

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