AUD/USD: Support breaks and .9250 next stop

Turnover is still very heavy and support levels at .9390 has been breached. I’m still prepared to buy any dips towards .9250 and I’m sure it will look terrible if and when it gets there.

  1. I see no reason to buy AUD – it now looks like going to sub 0.85 … I am wondering when the Central Banks will start to liquidate … like the big EURAUD flow. On that pair …. it still is headed for 1.47 imho

  2. indeed Sean …. how is your knife catching ability 🙂

    I do not disagree that its way over stretched … but it is friendless, the ugliest currency around at the moment (kiwi is also not pretty). Multi year chart levels breaking are not taken too kindly by portfolio managers …. buyt I do not want to still be short when it does squeeze … I just cannot see the reason for the squeeze

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