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AUD/USD: Stops triggered below .9125 but no follow through thus far

  • Little in way of technical support until .9060;
  • AUD/NZD has broken cleanly below 1.1150 but is looking very oversold on medium term charts;
  • AUD/JPY is only cross showing a spark of life and it’s holding reasonably well near 93.00.

There seems little reason to abandon the AUD/USD bear trade but you will need to pick your entry levels carefully.

  1. Hi Sean. Are you still bearish on aud/use pair ? If yes, what the level you thought would be appropriate to short it.
    Personally, I am thinking of shorting it at 92.20 with a stop loss at 92.90.

  2. Hi AKS, I would say that I am neutral on AUD/USD at moment but overall I’m in the buy-big-dip camp. But if you are looking for a selling level, I’d say there will be stops above 9205 but it will struggle to get back above Fridays highs at 9245/50. So I’d agree with your levels, sell on approach to 9230 with stops well above 9270

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