AUD,NZD/Flows and Orders

AUD/USD: Stops going off near .9570 but Sovereign buyers reported nearby

Unsurprisingly there were plenty of stop-loss orders below .9580 which have now been triggered. There are Sovereign bids reported just below here towards .9550 so I’m not expecting any major capitulation.

Good two-way business is reported on the interbank platforms, with bids of around AUD 100 million seen in AUD/JPY near 97.90 but heavy stops also being triggered in AUD/USD below .9570.

  1. Good luck Lam-son. I’m popping out for few hours and hopefully it’ll be at 9900 when I get back 🙂 Japanese banks report sell orders $JPY 10260/65 with stops 10275+

  2. now that 0.9550 is taken out, you still expect more selling? this fall overnight is crazy. never seen aussie falling in a straight line. just after the consumer confidence it falls 150 pips. wow.

  3. I don’t see the move as being overly extreme. The market is bearish and wants to sell but you are right imho, the mky is making up reasons for selling. Any big dips are long-term buying opps I think at least until such time as the US stops printing

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