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AUD/USD still looking heavy in early Asian markets; next support .9200

All of the Asian markets are now open and the AUD has been the main mover, down to lows at 0.9217 after opening near .9285. I’ve re-bought on this dip as I think we are in sideways consolidation but I must admit it does have a heavy feel to it at the moment.

Hourly lows at .9200 provide the next technical support level.

  1. Nimble fingers sean …. keep averaging on the swings. I do not like AUD weakness on crosses – it invariably precedes AUDUSD pressure to downside. Gold been a precipitor today as well and we have month end?qtr end balancing to contend with …. should add continued pressure on AUD I think. AUDYEN the safest long trade if your insistent

  2. If I wasn’t such a stubborn old goat I really should be trading the NZD/USD instead. But you’re right, the A$ gives multiple opps to trade the range and improve the average. AUD/NZD looks v heavy imho, that cud fall sharply??

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