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AUD/USD: Some technical analysts getting all ‘bulled up’

No, I did not forget a few letters from the middle of ‘bulled’!

Yesterday it was cable where the big calls were being made and today I see where a technical analyst is looking for 1.1150 in AUD/USD in the next few weeks. I must be missing something as I cannot see any justification for such a call just yet. If the weekly wedge were to break, then I could understand such a call but as long as it’s in place I think that all big calls on the Aussie are premature.

  1. The environment is just not conducive for such a rise. I can understand if china was growing at 9% but thats not happening.may be they give these calls to cover their positions.

  2. Normal market noise imho as shorts get bit nervous ahead of w/e. If it breaks above 10520 then I’d say somethg more serious going on but until then I’d say still play range

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